Monday, September 9, 2013

A Promise, A Hope, and Another Promise

Hey dear friends!  How are you?

OMG!  Life is super busy right now.  Summer is almost over and I'm now back to my full teaching/singing schedule.  So life is definitely full tilt right now.  I want to do a quick post and thank everyone for the supportive and encouraging comments.  You are amazing artists and I promise (first promise) to get caught up on your blogs too.  You are all doing fascinating work and it's a pleasure to see your beautiful miniatures come to life.  Keep up the great work! hope is to have my Blue Room done in a couple of weeks.  I have to show it for the Midwest Miniatures Guild meeting on October 5th.  Gulp.  Yikes!  More on that later.  I want my next post of that project to be a showing of the completed project.  Fingers crossed.  More to come.

My second promise is a promise I made to myself.  I promised I would not be a collector of many miniature projects and a" finisher" of none.  But...I found this cute fixer-upper on Craigslist and I just could not let it slip by.  So...after I finish Barton Cottage...I will get started on this dollhouse rehab project.  I blame Fi from "A Passion for Miniatures."  I read her August 11th blog post and was inspired.  Thank you, Fi.  There's a lady in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota with one less dollhouse and $30 bucks in her pocket.  :)

Here's a quick peek at the fixer upper--and it's a real fixer upper.  But it was just crying out for some love!  So I had to get it. What period style do you think would work for this house?  Please feel free to give suggestions or ideas. I would love the feedback!

The front view.
70's brown shag carpet!
Notice the cobweb above the door frame AND the dead spider in the coweb.  How's that for authentic miniature artistry?

Many...many layers of wallpaper.
It's got great bones...right...well...maybe?


  1. It defiantly has good bones. Lots of rooms. Lots of items could definitely be reused. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Brad, glad to hear from you! Yes, real life can keep us very busy, I know!
    Your "finding" is a great house with lots of rooms, so many possiblities, just like John said. Perhaps a modern house can be a great challenge? But it can be placed in any time period, I think :D! Sorry if I am not much of a help ;)!
    Good luck with it, Ilona

  3. Hello Brad,
    It's great to hear from you. The house is beautiful and full of portential. it might need some love and care, but it looks pretty well built! great find. I know your blue room will be fantastic! Happy back to school and I look forward to seeing your next post.
    Big hug,

  4. Hi Brad! I think that this house is a Great find; Especially for $30! The facade of the house is very plain so it could be fussed up with nearly anything. The interior is solid and it has lots of windows and that, to me, is a plus. The wallpaper looks like it would be easy enough to strip off of the walls so you can really start with a blank slate! What ever you decide on, I am sure that you will turn this into a miniature marvel. Wishing you the best of new beginnings!


  5. Hi Brad, I am glad to find your blog and become a new fan of yours. I also found one huge dollhouse on craigslist last month and also for $30 and couldn't resist not to buy it because the house is just perfect to practice my building skills. I wish you good luck with the finishing the Blue room in time! MIni hugs, Natalia

  6. I think the house you bought has lots of possibilities; I am looking forward to see you progress on it! Have fun redecorating :-)