Sunday, September 22, 2013

What a Mini Weekend!

Hey friends!

I just had to send out a quick post, for it's been a great weekend for miniatures.  We had our Midwest Miniature Guild board meeting this Saturday.  I am the new librarian for the Guild and had a wonderful time at my first meeting as a board member.  There's a ton of ideas and activities going on with the Guild.  What a great group of people!  We are so lucky to have an organization like this here in the Twin Cities.  If you're in the midwest, please come join the Midwest Miniature Guild!

A HUGE thank you to Ilona, Giac, and John for your great advice on fabric resources.  Wow.  What beautiful selections!  I will definitely purse all your suggestions, for sure.  Alas time is running out for mail deliveries with this project, so I had to settle on some fabric that I found at a local Joann Fabrics.  I found a blue striped fabric for upholstering my couch and chairs.  I also was looking for silk scarfs (Thank you, Ilona for the great idea!) and found a blue men's neck tie at Goodwill for $3. I think I will use it for some accent pillows.  I'm not that sure how these fabrics will read in 1:12 scale.  Fingers crossed.

Things are really cooking and time is ticking away.  I finished a jade and an alabaster figurine and pick up some other items for the room.  I have to finish the exterior, construct all the furniture, finish the electrical, make a gazillion picture frames, construct and fasten the front frame, and then pray that the few little trinkets I've assembled will look somewhat decent in the room. Here's a sneak peak at the fabric and some artsy chachkies that will be going into the room.

Upholster and pillow fabrics with a few items for the Blue Room.
Uh oh.  Looks like the neighbors are moving in!  Ha ha. Don't worry.  The modern table lamp is not part of the room.  It's just there to shed a little light until the chandelier arrives.

Alright my friends, I must get to gittin'.  This all is so exciting.  I wish you well and send a big, grateful, and friendly heart-felt thank you to all of you for your kind support and comments.  Please keep them coming.  I will need them for the next two weeks as I meet my deadline for this room box.  Zoinks!  I hope your projects are going well.  I can't wait to see more of your beautiful work too!

All best,


  1. Hey Brad
    I'm so sorry to be so late in joining up. I can't believe I've missed this!! I'm off to read through you other posts.
    Have a great day

  2. Hello Brad,
    Showing us the view of the room through the window is just cruel. It looks fantastic and I cannot wait to see more pictures. Excellent work! I love the items you have for the room.
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun and I am a little jealous you got to meet John and see Merriman park...lucky!
    Hang in there and have fun finishing the room.
    Big hug,

  3. Hi Brad! I think that your fabrics are Great! Neckties are a terrific resources for silks and there are usually scads of old ties at the thrift stores! I have found Lanvin, Versace, Nina Ricci, Armani etc. that had wonderful patterns on them and great silk linings too! Of course if your room is a period piece that will all count for nothing but if your rooms are at all modern; then what cache! :D


  4. Hello Brad, I'm visiting from Merriman Park and looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  5. Hi Brad,
    John sent me over too to visit and have a look at your blog. So curious to see where you are going from here :). The Neckties will do great, usually they are to scale.
    And now I am going to browse your blog!